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Violet and Isobel in Downton Abbey season 5 (x)

I love how Penelope says “don’t be ridiculous” and looks sort of pleased at the thought at the same time.

Also, Vi and Is do double entendre?

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Can’t wait!!! :)

All of these actors are amazing!!!! 

The first trailer for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Looks good, though I really wish Penelope Wilton’s storyline is not all bitchiness.

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cambria k4· 1928 · yachtphotography © thomas eibenberger 2012

Again, nothing to do with anything but boy, does this look cool!

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The Ridiculously Flawless Cast of Call The Midwife (Part one)

BRYONY HANNAH as Cynthia Miller
HELEN GEORGE as Trixie Franklin
MIRANDA HART as Camilla “Chummy” Noakes
LAURA MAIN as Shelagh Turner
STEPHEN MCGANN as Doctor Patrick Turner
JENNY AGUTTER as Sister Julienne
PAM FERRIS as Sister Evangelina
JUDY PARFITT as Sister Monica Joan

Part two here (x)

Nothing to do with anything, but God I love this show! and it’s wonderful, wonderful women.

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